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Landscape and Plant Protection in Cold Weather

landscape protection in cold weather winter park florida
Citrus will damage in freezing temperatures

Landscape protection is important as temperatures drop. Plant health care is at the top of our priorities in all seasons, but winter brings some special challenges. 

There are a couple of long term weather forecasts showing that temperatures in the last week of December may drop into the 20’s. Depending on how cold (and for how long) it actually gets will determine if there is plant damage or loss. It may be a good idea to be prepared to cover them just in case. 

What I recommend:

Have enough plant blankets on hand to cover cold sensitive plants. I recommend getting them ASAP because supplies will be hard to come by if the temperatures drop. 

Run irrigation in those zones the day before and the day after freezing event occurs

Cover plants the day before. If you use plastic remember to take it off when the sun comes out to avoid plant damage. 

Attached is an article from the University of Florida:

All of the tips contained in the article about pruning and fertilizing are already being followed by Grounds Crew. 

If you need help finding blanket material – or if you want to purchase it from Grounds Crew – please let me know.