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Weed Control in your Orlando Landscape

Weed control in the landscape requires the right activities, at the right time, which in turn leads to the best results. A simple goal is one that reduces weeds by as much as possible. It’s a bonus when we can do this for the least amount of time and money as possible.

With temperatures dropping people think this is the time of year to take a break from the landscaping. I say don’t put away the tools just yet. This is the best time of the year to beat the weeds and have a great landscape come spring and summer.

We have added stone as a mulch to reduce the weeds in the landscaping
Stone added as a mulch to reduce weeds in the landscape

Removing the weeds

Weed control starts with removing as many of the weeds in the areas that you want controlled as possible. That can be done mechanically by using a hoe, or by hand pulling. Don’t use a string trimmer because that generally just cuts the weeds. You may use chemicals like Round Up, Image or a variety of others to reduce the weeds in beds. Follow label instructions and wear the required personal protection equipment.

Weed Prevention With Herbicides

Pre Emergent Herbicides can be used to successfully reduce weed growth when applied at the right time, and at the right rate. Is it better to apply the preemergent herbicide over the mulch – or onto the bare soil? I have seen similar results using either approach.Be sure to follow label instructions because these can cause harm if applied at the wrong rate or at the wrong time of year.


Lastly, it is the time to decide which mulch to put out. Mulch (like herbicides) is not a “more is better” approach. For example I have seen tree trunks with several inches of mulch piled up it. Most common types of mulch are wood or stone. Stone cost is 4 times or more as much as wood – but it does last much longer. Wood considerations : Large chips, small chips, natural or recycled? There are many options that are often equally important and it really depends on your goals and budget.

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